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Find interesting links to other web pages concerning blended learning in both German and English. Missing a link? Please, send-in your proposal using the contact form.
German links:

Blended Learning – Impulse für die Praxis
Manuela Pietraß
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Blended Learning schnell erklärt
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Grundlagen eines Kalkulationsmodells für Blended Learning Kurse
Martin Gutbrod, Helmut W. Jung, Stefan Fischer
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Hybride Lernarrangements: Personale Dienstleistungen
in multi- und telemedialen Lernumgebungen
Michael Kerres,Thomas Jechle
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Lerntheorien und Lernwerkzeuge
Peter Baumgartner
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Multimediales Lernen des 21. Jahrhunderts
Martin Ebner und Andreas Holzinger
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Online- und Präsenzelemente in hybriden
Lernarrangements kombinieren
Michael Kerres
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Projektarbeit in einem Blended Learning Szenarium – eine Prozessbeschreibung
Jutta Pauschenwein, Alexander Nischelwitzer
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Trainer der Zukunft - bTrainer
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English links:

Blended Learning: Let's Get Beyond the Hype
Margaret Driscoll
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Patterns for blended, Person-Centered learning: strategy, concepts, experiences, and evaluation
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Building Effective Blended Learning Programs
Harvey Singh
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Blended Learning Models
P Valiathan
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Charles R. Graham, Brigham Young University, USA.
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Strategies for Building Blended Learning
Allison Rossett, Felicia Douglis, and Rebecca V. Frazee
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Blended Learning: How to Integrate Online and Traditional Learning
Kaye Thorne
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Learning Management: A New Approach to Structuring Hybrid Learning Arrangements
Olaf Bärenfänger
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Virtual Group Work within a Classroom-Based Course:Implementation of a Hybrid Learning Experience
Gaby Neumann and Andzelika Bachry
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